Russell cleaning??!!WAT!!!
♥Monday, September 21, 2009
Well,yesterday went to Sg Wang with Baby Mumu...Baby wanted to fix her specs but too bad...they cant fix the specs..kesian my Baby..T_T...Baby was damn funny cause she keep on dragging me to the girl's lingerie like "Baby,lets go.....lets goooo....".......malu lah Baby!!!^_^ before going back ss 15,Baby bought some kari fishball n sotong...fed her while shes driving...i become the slave of the day to my Baby....XD....went to ss15 to play foos n pool with Baby later on..she scored me in foos cause she was cheating...Baby keep on spinning the stupid bar -.-*....but in pool,hehehe....she lost..LOL!!EAT THAT BABY!!went back home after i felt kinda weird cause suddenly thought of cleaning my room....WTH!!!! I like never clean my room for so so so so so so so so long~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!is it a sign that sumting is going to happen to me???!,cleaned my room..sweep here...sweep there....mop here...mop damn 7 tired....after that cuci kain pulak.....haiyo...cuci here...cuci there...malas wana do it la but at least i learn how to be more independent...HUHUHUI!!!..although it was tiring,at the end of the day it was all worth it!!^_^ room is clean!!berkilat kilau kilauan!! sleepy..bye..(Ps: I HAD A GREAT DAY WITH YOU BABY!!!THANX BABY!!!MUAXXX~~~)wawawiwau~~~

Love, me

Baby....u r mine..r u mine??
♥Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Hm....deep bottom of my heart recently,i feel a bit down..i dono wats causing damn confused..T_T...haiz,forget it la..btw,earlier today,baby suddenly appear out of nowhere!!!wawawiwau!!!~~~~~SO SO SO HAPPY NAMPAK MY BABY!!!!!BWAHAHA!!!!then she asked me 'baby,wana go eat bak kut teh?'....^_^ cute...lolz..went to eat bak kut teh at ss 14 later on..then chill at my place playing 02jam a while..zz..i know u pro la kay baby..zz....hmmm...dono wat to blog about just having this weird feelings lately...any updates of my day will be posted soon~~~

Love, me

A day at baby's house...^_^
♥Saturday, September 12, 2009
Well,as the title at BABY MUMU's house!!!!!!!!!!!WOHOOOO!!!!damn fun but at the same time nerve wrecking....cause,1st ting come to mind was 'omgomgomg,meeting the mummy...then..the uncle....then..then...many then la..' zzz..reached here around 5.40 pm...did sum help preparing a birthday party as today is the countdown to BABY MUMU's sister Rou Yi!!!carried around sum tables n chairs..after that believe this,i did the 'dumpling'...helped the eldest sister Rou Wen..kesian,ntg much now...maybe later gona edit this blog again...chiowz~~~~~~~~

Love, me

Boring life...zz
Well,yesterday was a very boring day for me.... Woke up around erm,i dun remember..lolz... Called Ah hean in the afternoon,but he was busy TFK otw to Pyramid...then called Raine..She was sleeping..zzz..lazy bum bum!!! Then called Kj..he was at Pyramid with Alan....then later at night while having dinner with Kevin at AC,called Zaqir...he was bz eating at Canai....then i feel weird d...WHERE THE FUCK IS EVERYONE WHEN THEY R SUPPOSED TO BE AT AC AT THIS TIME!!!!!FUCKTORTOISECAMELHUMPSBOOMBOOMPOW!!!!!Well,i dun give up easily..tried calling Yuen Ching pulak afer that..on the phone he said,'I have to go back chill a while'..then i nvr really heard wat he was trying to say,but i tink i heard him saying sumting like this..'have to c my mum' like,WTFOMGSHITTYCOWPOOPYELLOWCOLOUR!!! MUMMY???LOLZ....after all the call efforts,i finally gave frens dun wan me d...hehe..jkjk..^_^,after dinner i went foos with Kevin n Tom...For u all that donno who Tom is,hes a new Vietnam friend of mine..we dun talk dat much since hes noob in English...n FYI,he likes porn..zzz..bwahaha..I tapao Kevin during the match..twice..^_^...then played foos with another friend,Warid...n i lost...9-0....FTWMUTHAASSBIGD**K!!!!I gona pawn u soon Warid!!!just c!!!well,baby Mumu so kesian like since 3 pm to 10 like,'wth baby!!7 hours of working??!!'..i know shes damn tired,but still she pui me the whole day smsing n calling baby so sweet!!!well,off to bed will be a good day for me!!!!^_^..Wait for the next post guys!!!nites~~~~

Love, me

Baby noob!!!!!!!!!
♥Thursday, September 10, 2009
Thanx to my baby Mumu for helping me doing my blog tingy!!! muax muax muax!!!!i love you~~~well, still dono wat to blog yet...maybe soon gona start my blog!!!wait for it!!!!

Love, me

Russell's 1'st lame blog.....
Well,just signed up in this blog tingy under the request by my lovey Mumu ... dono wat to blog about currently lame.. ^_^ Well,off to bed now!!!! nitez~~~

Love, me

Before you, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars - points of light and reason. And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn't see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.Be mine always baby...
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Name: Russell Lam
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I like: Baby MuMu

I dislike: Bastard, Lies, Betrayers.


~Baby Mumu <3
~Wan Amalyna


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